Flirty Lady

Ever wonder What the Opposite Sex is Really Thinking? ...

Play the game! ...

Instructions to Play "Love Steps Game":

Be Ready for Fun!
You’re going from the FRONT DOOR to the LOVE DOOR!

1) There is only One Player piece for two people!  This is a “Love” Game. You are Not in Competition!
2) Female clicks dice. Player Piece Hearts will climb number of steps shown on dice.
3) Female Question Pops Up. Each Question will show number of Steps to “Advance” or “Go Back”. On a Female Question Female decides if Player Piece will “Advance” or “Go Back”. On Male Question, Male decides.
4) Both Male and Female see the Question, and Answer the question, on their own phone, at the same time, either Text or Verbal.
5) Answer the question, and give your reason, in about 6-8 words. No just Yes or No answers.

Example Question: If a Man tells you he doesn’t want to get involved
Should you believe him? Advance 3  or Go Back 2
Sample Answer #1:  Yes, because he knows himself better than you.
Sample Answer #2:  No, because he may just fear rejection.

6) Responding: Both read the question on their own phones. Both send each other their answers.

7) When they read each other's answers.. It may be totally different than what he expected!

8) When it is the female's turn, She Decides, if she "LIKES" his answer to “Advance” him toward the LOVE Door or to “Go Back” toward the FRONT Door. Female then clicks the "Advance" or "Go Back" Words.

All that matters is she “Liked” what he said…so she advanced him toward the LOVE Door!
Or “Did Not Like” what he said … so she sent him back toward the FRONT Door!
That’s it!

Next, another Male Question Pops Up. Female Answers NOW  Male Decides to Advance Her or send Her Back.

The Fun is you never know what the other person may be thinking...But you do get to see what they wrote!

There are Fun Quips along the path to Advance you or Send you back!

9) Press “LOVE PATH” to see How Close you both are to the Love Door!
What happens when you get to the LOVE DOOR?
That’s Up to You!
But you sure are going to Know more about HOW your Playing Partner thinks that you ever believed!    

“LOVE STEPS” is fun and Unique!
Have Fun!

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